I am Domingo Widen, Designer & Illustrator.

Check out my work.

All works © Domingo Widen 2014. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Domingo Widen. 

La Plaza (Brand Identity)
Overdose (Illustration)
Shikkoba (Brand Identity)
Overkill (Illustration)
Fantastic faces (Collection)
Logo Designs
TV (Illustration)
Beardy (Illustration)
MamaCake (Print Design)
Firestarter (Illustration)
A la Brasa Restaurant (Brand Identity)
Born to be Wild (Illustration)
Pixxo Estudio (Brand Identity)
Varona Consultores (Brand Identity)
Punk Renegade ( Illustration)
Self Promotion
Random Works
This is my music (Collection)
Vikings (Collection)
Deja Vu (Illustration)
Maiden (Illustraation)
Suspicious Minds (Illustration)
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